Saturday, 3 January 2015

Forrest Mush // The Shop

^^ That up there, ^^ is my favourite thing I've ever made. I loved Matt Smith's Doctor Who and I've still not quite let go of him. Sad face.

I have a little shop called Forrest Mush as well as this little blog. I've been selling bags and jewellery for a few months now but I got a few more orders than just the odd one here and there before Christmas and found myself really enjoying it, and this has spurred me on to actually try to make a go of this little hobby of mine.

I don't really have a set theme - I just make what I like and hope that other people will like them too. Most of the things I make are colourful, fun, cute or a combination of the three.

As I hope that I'll be spending more time this year on designing and making products for my shop I thought I might share those things on here, as well as how it's doing, my creative process and things I learn along the way that might help someone else thinking of doing the same thing. (I also hope I'll learn some things from others doing the same thing, so any tips are very welcome!)

Lately I've focused heavily on designing bags and sort of ignored anything jewellery, but I have lots of supplies sat in a box, unused and I really enjoyed making the pieces you see here so I want to start on a new batch of jewellery in the near future.

Saying that though, new bags will be first as I'v got a handful of new design files ready to print that I'm itching to see on bags! I'm just waiting for the plain bags to arrive (hopefully on Monday) so I can get making!

If you like any of the things you've seen or would just like to have a little peek (I would be super grateful if you did), you can find me on Etsy and Tictail.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Fifteen Things About Me

1. That was my first ever selfie. (Not counting the blurry one of me spinning in a chair, taken in a mirror).

2. Photos make me uncomfortable, mainly because I've got blinking and pulling odd faces for no apparent reason down to a fine art.

3. Every time it storms (like today) I have the strange urge to run up an down outside.

4. I've read Harry Potter so many times that the books actually fell apart.

5. I've never not had animals. I'm that person that rings home (I'd only been gone one night) and asks about the animals before saying 'hello' to my mother.

6. I've never been drunk.

7. If there's chocolate in it, I'll eat it.

8. When I was a baby I was ginger, now the jury's out on what colour my hair is - it depends what day it is and the lightening ;D

9. I'm 5 foot & 2 inches tall.

10. I had to have my ears pierced twice because they did it wonky the first time.

11. I'm currently watching my dog lick my rabbit's face. This happens a lot.

12. I like the idea of make-up (and all that jazz) but I can rarely find the inclination to put on any more than a bit of mascara.

13. My favourite colour used to be pink, but only because I didn't know that pigs came in other colours. (I realllly wanted a pig.)

14. I was wrist-less (one was sprained and one was chipped) for about two weeks when I was fourteen because my horse slipped and rolled on me.

15. I like spiders. I get excited when I see a new one and usually follow them around for a while. I was sad today because I accidentally drowned one in the bath.